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About Austin Plumbing

Serving Eugene & Springfield Since 1946!

The Petersen family has lived and worked in the Eugene and Springfield area for over 120 years. We know this area, the weather, the soil, the water types found in each micro-clime, and we understand how those factors can affect your plumbing needs throughout the year.

Our founder, Austin Petersen, started this business in 1946, and operated it until he sold the name to his son, Bernard, in 1999. Currently, Austin Plumbing and Petersen Plumbing are operating as affiliated businesses, and both names can be seen on our trucks.

As of 2018, the two companies have been combined under Petersen Plumbing's Construction Contractor Board number. We still have the same name, the same people, the same great service! (And, we hope, easier bookkeeping!) We plan to be here, helping you -- our customers -- for another 120 years!

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Austin 1-Stop Plumbing
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