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About Petersen Plumbing

Family Owned

Petersen Plumbing is growing and expanding, we're excited to have several new, extremely experienced and knowledgeable people working for us. We have several apprentices up and coming to keep us strong in the years ahead. We're buying new trucks and new equipment so that we can serve you better. We're doing more and larger remodels and bid work, all exciting and positive signs for the future! But the heart of our company has been and remains the emergency repairs that we have specialized in for over 3 generations.

We're a family owned and operated business, covering Eugene and Springfield, Oregon and the surrounding areas. We specialize in all kinds of emergency plumbing repair, water heater repair and replacement, small remodels, and sewer and drain cleaning, repair and replacement.

Our current business form started in 1979, when Bernard Petersen took over the Petersen Plumbing business name from his father, Austin Petersen, a long-time businessman in the area. Austin started his primary business, Austin 1-Stop Plumbing, in 1946, and operated it until he sold the name to Bernard in 1999. Currently, Austin Plumbing and Petersen Plumbing are operating as affiliated businesses, and both names can be seen on our trucks.

Bernard's grandfather, Alex, worked part-time in the business in the early years, and Bernard's brothers, Greg and Kurt, work today. Bernard's sons are currently apprentices, and his nieces and nephews have occasionally been seen helping as well, when their studies and schedules permit. Truly a 4th generation business, we look forward to welcoming the 5th generation in just a few short years!

The Petersen family has lived and worked in the Eugene and Springfield area for over 120 years. Our roots go deep in this land and we're excited to be a part of the next 120 years of local living!