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Root Out Drain Line Problems

Sewer snake with a rootball at least 4 feet long!

Spring is definitely here! All over the valley flowers are blooming, birds are singing, fruits and vegetables are being planted, trees and bushes have leafed out and are reaching for the sky! And… their roots are reaching ever deeper into the ground, in search of moisture and nutrients to fuel their growth. The same moisture and nutrients that flow thru our drain and sewer pipes every day.

Now, most of us live in existing structures, with existing landscaping and trees. I will never tell you that you should clear cut your property to protect your drains! Life without trees and nature would be pretty bland. But a little knowledge of how plants grow, of which plants are most likely to produce aggressive, invasive roots, can go a long way towards helping us prevent plumbing and drain line problems in the future. And trust me, you do not want us to pull a 4 foot long rootball like this out of your sewer!

I was pleased to find this article in one of our trade magazines a couple years ago, and I’m delighted to offer it here, to our friends and customers, for your gardening enjoyment and plumbing knowledge.

Plants Over Septic Systems

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