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Petersen Plumbing using a Toilet Auger.

Plugged Drains and Sewers

Plugged drains and sewers have been a problem for as long as they’ve existed, certainly more than 2000 years! Of course, proper care and maintenance can make such issues rare, but I doubt that we’ll ever be able to prevent them totally. But all is not lost! With our professional grade equipment and skilled technicians Petersen Plumbing can locate and unclog your sewer or drain quickly!

We have everything from small hand-snakes to a trailer-mounted jetter, and the cameras that let you see your sewer problem in Real-Time, from the inside out! What that means for you is, we can handle anything from a minor job like a plugged toilet, or a clogged kitchen or bathroom drain, up to and including a full-blown sewer replacement.

Pipe Locator & Sewer Camera

Petersen Plumbing locating a pipe.

Want to know where your pipes go before you dig? We can locate underground pipes with our specialized equipment and our extensive database of past plumbing jobs. Our records go back over 40 years! We have access to the city of Eugene’s records as well, we can show you the records that the city has on your sewer, when it was built and when or if it was moved.

Not sure what’s causing a problem in your drain or sewer? We have a modern, state-of-the-art sewer camera that will show you exactly what’s going on! No need to guess any more! If you want, we can even give you a thumbdrive with the pictures and video from our camera, so you can study the situation at your leisure, and see exactly what we’re seeing.

Hydro Jetter

Petersen Plumbing jetting a drain.

When the standard pipe clearing equipment isn’t enough, we have several hydro jetters, up to and including a trailor-mounted unit for the BIG jobs. We can clear tough grease, sludge, soap and blockages all the way down to the end of the line.

Sewer Replacements - Trenchless or Traditional

If nothing else works, we’ll replace your sewer! We have the equipment and the know-how and we’ll to do whatever it takes to get you a working sewer as quickly and as cost effectively as we can!

Some of Petersen Plumbing's sewer and drain heavy equipment.

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