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News Flash - The Register-Guard

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We're absolutely delighted to announce that we won 1st Place in the 2018 Register-Guard Readers' Choice Awards! Petersen Plumbing - 8 Years a Winner!

Put a Vent In It! A blocked vent pipe can cause almost as much trouble as a blocked drain! Here's what to look for if your drain starts surging and gurgling.

Don't let Winter Chew on Your Pipes! - Use your winter preparations to keep your pipes safe from the weather and from the critters!

Washer Valve Blowout - Don't let cheap, inferior plumbing parts cost you money!

Don't flush that! Out of sight is not out of mind when your drains clog! Some things should never go down your drain! Here's a useful list for you to print out and keep.

Water heaters have changed a lot in the past few years! Read about the new energy standards and how they will affect your next heater!

Winter Is Coming! It's time to start preparing your pipes before the freezing weather hits!

3 Generations, and counting...

Petersen Plumbing is a 3rd generation family business, serving Eugene and Springfield, Oregon and the surrounding areas. (And the 4th generation just started graduating from the state apprenticeship program! Congratulations to James and Mark!)

We specialize in plumbing repair and small remodels, in water heaters, sewers and drains, water services. We can repair or replace your plumbing, wherever and whenever it gives you problems! Just give us a call at 541-343-9339, we'd be pleased to help you with all your plumbing needs!